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"Your local shop specializing in Christian literature and church supplies."

Why Choose Us?

A LARGE selection of King James Bibles, ONLY!!! From highland goatskin high end Bibles to award and pew bibles.

​An extensive New and Used Book inventory with a decided emphasis on the tried and true authors of the past, along with those of today that seek to hold the line of Biblical authority and sound doctrine. Our standard for books using scripture on most every page (mainly reference books and devotionals) is that they should be KJV-based. Our used book inventory comes from buying/trading with our customers and our library purchases along with ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND deliveries!

A wide selection of inspiring Gifts and Greeting Cards (boxed and single), all featuring the King James Bible where scripture is quoted.​

A full line of Church Supplies and SUNDAY SCHOOL & VBS curriculum, also exclusively KJV-based.​

A Music CD and Accompaniment Track selection that emphasizes the more traditional styles, along with a selection of movie DVDs that primarily features older, classic titles and USED DVD SELECTION THAT IS AMAZING!

An attractive selection of Old-fashioned Games and Toys in an effort to encourage family togetherness in today’s distracted, divided culture.

An array of Health Supplements, Foods, and Books, in an effort to encourage sometimes neglected “temple maintenance."​

Some used Homeschool materials are also available!

We estimate that only 10-20% of our product inventory matches up with that of today’s average Christian bookstore, thus providing a unique experience for you, our honored guests and ministry partners.

Rev. Shane Jackson,



222 E Mills Street, Columbus, NC 28722

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